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10 Makeup Tips For Beginners!

Love having your Makeup done but can't get your head around the application?

Read my Beginners Tips to help get you on your way!

Makeup can really enhance your natural beauty and disguise flaws all the way up to a show stopping evening look.

But let's begin with the basics:

1. Know your Face: What do you like and dislike about your face? Most people can pick out a feature or two that they like, these are mainly their Eyes or Lips. Conversely, people often dislike something about their face too...Do you hate your Nose? You can pull attention away from your problem areas.

We all have our problem areas - I hate my right eyebrow - it was split in an accident when I was 7 years old and if I don't keep my eyebrows pretty slim I end up looking like I've shaved a line through it...now that might have worked for boyband members in the 90's but it's a real Pain to deal with! The scar tissue seems to repel makeup so I really have to work at getting even, beautiful brows!

2. Know your skin type: Do you have primarily Oily skin, Dry skin or is it kinda both? (Mine is!) you may not have any of these and you're very lucky if you have "normal" skin!

Consider whether you're using the right products for your skin type. Creating a good base before you apply makeup is essential!

(If you don't know your skin type I'll be writing another post soon on how to properly identify and correctly treat different skin types!)

3. Look after your skin: I'm guilty of eating junk sometimes and I definitely don't drink enough water! With a baby I find it hard to look after myself as well as I used to and it shows all over my skin! If i'm slightly dehydrated my skin tells me! Ideal world - drink plenty of water and get a nutrient rich, balanced diet. And Moisturise! Moisture daily. At least once a day. Preferably add a serum and moisturiser after you have cleansed your face at night.

4. Keep it clean: Your skin should be thoroughly cleansed before makeup and also before you go to bed. Sweat, dirt and other pollutants will cause spots. Always have a clean canvas!

5. Choose the right foundation tone. We've all seen those girls with near-orange faces and white necks! Or those ladies with ashy-white faces making them look ill! When you're buying makeup, test the tone on your jawline and clavicle (collarbone) to get the best colour match.

Get the advice of the makeup counter assistant too, but try it on then go out in natural day light, the colour can often look fine in the shops fluorescent lighting, but looks quite different outside.

My best advice is to ask for a sample of the foundation you're planning on buying!

Good foundations aren't cheap and there's nothing worse than spending all that money to then have to work to warm up or tone down the colour!

Get a sample and try it. Does it feel good to wear all day? Is the finish nice? Does it blend nicely? How does it look after a long day? If it's still looking good and you love it, it's worth every penny!

6. Set Your Foundation: Want that foundation to stay all day? Set it with translucent powder. Go gently, you don't want a dusty finish, but it works wonders, especially in humid environments or balmy summer days!

7. Easy Go-To Eye Makeup: For an absolute beginner, I recommend a small, neutral palette (Like Urban Decays Basics Palette) Sweep a neutral skin-toned shade across the whole lid, then build up a slightly darker colour in your eye socket, finishing finally with the darkest colour at the outermost edge of each eye.

The key to fabulous eye makeup is in the Blending. Invest in makeup brushes if you can afford it. If you don't have them and need a solution in a hurry your pinkie and ring finger will do a dramatically better job than those foam applicators some palettes come with, just don't try to put too much product on all at once, go gently and it's a lot easier to blend!

8: Dress Your Eyes With Mascara: In my opinion, no makeup look is complete when the lashes are bare, so invest in a good mascara and finish your makeup with it. Eyeliner can be optional, but mascara really is needed to add beautiful definition to eyes.

9. Blush it Out: Blusher can make you look wide awake, youthful and really brightens up your face. Add a quick sweep before you finish.

10. Get Lippy: Lipstick can do wonders for a womans confidence. Add a slick of your favourite shade to complete your look.

Hopefully this helps you feel more confident with makeup.

Still need help? I offer makeup lessons for £100 if you're completely lost and need tailored advice to suit your skin type and colouring. Contact Me to discuss.


Lindsey xx


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