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Beware of Instagram Clones!

Beware the Instagram Clone Trends!

Instagram is cool and I follow leading cosmetic brands to ensure i'm kept bang up to date with their news and new products...but what's with the InstaClones?

What is an InstaClone? - We've all seen them...the Extreme Close-Up's of Eye or Lip Makeup.... striking features that are always shown up - close but never together, and they all look the damn same....pretty yes, but the same.

To be an InstaClone you will most likely have one or more of the following:

Strong, Thick, Filled in Eyebrows

Thick Cat Eye Eyeliner

Very up-close photos of eyes, looking in to middle distance - never looking straight ahead

Big Overlined Lips

Alternatively you may be sporting a high contrast lipstick or sugar-dusted up-close lip? Glitter Lips most likely..



Fancy kissing Nana with Rhinestone Encrusted

Glitter Lips?

Pucker Up Granny!

Don't get me wrong, this makeup is visually dynamic, but it's Editorial Makeup - Great for a Fashion Magazine, not so great on a Bride.

Up Close shots like this look great...up close...but if you were to see these women, made up in Instagram style, out on the streets you'd likely be very shocked!...Think Cleopatra meets RuPauls Drag Race and you're about there!

As a Bridal Makeup Artist I can tell you that I do not like "Instagram Makeup" for Weddings!!! - my style is Perfected Beauty. Not trowled on product to make you look like these Drag Clones.

Yes, it's Trendy - there will always be changing makeup trends and while they're fun to play with, your Wedding Day is no place for them!

Do you remember Bubble Eyeliner? You can guarantee there are some Brides out there that wish they hadn't sported that look on their Big Day.

This is a good version of bubble liner....now imagine what this model looks like with both eyes open and talking to you face to face....getting weird isn't it...it'd look like she had applied her liner all wrong.


How about the Kylie Jenner Lip Challenge? Remember when all these Teens were sucking their lips out to oblivion in to shot glasses? Ending up with humongous sore, bruised swollen lips that took weeks of embarrassment to finally start to go down - don't do that!

Do you really want to see these trends glaring back at you for rest of your life on those wedding photos...and you're going to have to explain that stuff to your grandkids too, haha.

Weddings are no place for InstaClones...please remember, on your Wedding Day, be the most beautiful version of You...xx

Thanks for reading the random musings of a Makeup Artist!


Lindsey xx

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