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How to choose the right Makeup Artist

Yesterday I blogged about Celebrity Makeup Fails, so how do you choose the Right Makeup Artist for you?

How do I make sure I pick the right Makeup Artist?

Review their work. What's the Skin Finish like? Is it Smooth and looks glowy and fresh? Or is it Mask-like and almost doesn't look like skin anymore? Whats the eye makeup like? Is the artist too heavy handed or too minimal for you? Do you think the Makeup is making that person look as naturally beautiful as they could possibly look? Check out my Recent Work.

Check out their reviews. Reviews speak volumes, especially if they detailed. Check a few of mine here.

What's their website like? Do they tend to it often to and put work and time in to your client experience from the outset? Or is it a free-site with dated, static information and a free email address? If the MUA can't invest and take pride in her own business; then what doesn't that say about her approach to her work? Here's Mine.

Don't just use whoever your Friend used at her wedding. What worked for your your friend, may not be right for you!

Let's say your friend covets the "Kim Kardashian Look" and she chose an Artist who's portfolio is full of "Instagram Brows" "Extreme Highlight/Contour" and it generally screams "Kim Kardashian"...then she chose wisely! She'll get just what she wants.

However, if you're more of a "Dita Von Teese" than a "Kim K", then you need someone who can design a makeup look for your face, inspired by Dita's porcelain skin, sultry feathery lashes and perfect pout.

Shouldn't a Makeup Artist be able to do both of those looks? Yes! Any Makeup Artist should be able to competently do both looks for their client. But a Great Makeup Artist will also have the confidence to advise her client about what would make Her Face look it's most naturally beautiful. If the client still wants the Kim K look then it should be expertly tailored to suit the clients colouring, face shape, eye shape, hairstyle, etc.

Check Their Kit.

Do they claim to only use Mac and Estee Lauder products...if so, this is not a good thing!

I am fully open about My kit. I don't pretend to exclusively use MAC or any other Luxury Brand.

Why? Some of those products are just awful to work with and simply aren't the "best" option available to me, so why would I only use that brand?

I invest considerable amounts of money and time on my kit and I insist that the product performs beyond expectation, or it's out!

I have tonnes and tonnes of expensive, high end products; but you'll also find "normal" brands in my kit too. (For instance; Simple branded moisturisers work best for the majority of my Clients and most high street brand Mascaras out-perform the higher-end ones when I want a delicate natural lash look)

A great Makeup Artist will have many, many brands that they'll use, cherry picking the creme-de-la-creme from the full spectrum of makeup brands available. So you can bet that if a product gives the best result, I'll be using that one!

Check their Qualifications: I am extremely proud of my Qualifications and take many opportunities to show off my certificates and who awarded them, this way people could check me out to confirm my education, if they wanted to.

Beware of fake certificates and exaggerated education! It's all too easy to create free certificates online!

Some Makeup Artists have no formal training at all. Does it make them terrible at makeup? Nope, again it's Art and it's subjective to your opinion. Just as someone who has all the book smarts could be really bad at the physical application.

But it should raise a warning flag if you can't see any proof that you can verify about their experience or qualifications on their website.

Buy Cheap Pay Twice: Some Makeup Artists are cheap. But like everything, someone will always be willing to compromise quality to be the lowest in Price.

But, if their Kit is up to par they simply cannot be dirt cheap.

If they have spent thousands on their training, kit and education, they cannot be cheap.

If they are great at what they do, they cannot be cheap.

You haven't gone for the cheapest wedding dress you could get your hands on, or cheapest venue, or cheapest cake. You probably spent a small fortune on the photographer - make sure the images that He (and your family and friends) catches of you are showing You at Your Most Beautiful!

So if a Makeup Artist you're considering competes on her Price and not the Merit of her Work then run far and run fast!

Know Your Budget: Speaking of prices, a great Makeup Artist won't leave you guessing at the price of her services!

I hate having to email enquiries off to people to obtain a price. It makes me feel like they either don't have a structure for their pricing so pick it out of thin air, or they take the details, try to estimate whether you may have a big or small budget based on the wedding venue or postcode area you live in and inflate their rates accordingly.

Know What Is Included: The amount of hidden extras that some Makeup Artists reveal after the Client has paid their deposit is just awful! Pricing should be crystal clear and upfront. But to charge £10 for this, £5 for that etc on top is really out of order (in my opinion!) I pride myself on my fully inclusive pricing.

Would You Be Willing To Consider me here at VIP Bridal Makeup Artist?

I'd be really honoured if you'd consider my services for your Big Day!

Do check out my Website. Here's My Kit. Here are My Fully Inclusive Prices for your reference too. Check Out my Reviews and Qualifications and My Recent Work. Hopefully you'll love it and Contact Me!


Lindsey xx


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