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How To Choose Your Wedding Day Look

Top Advice: Get Pictures of what you like and let me know! Some Brides have a very clear vision of how they want to look on their Big Day, down to the smallest detail. Some Brides don't know and don't mind how they look either way as long as they look good!

But if you're struggling with ideas, here's my top tips to help:

  • Get Pictures!

You can google Bridal Hairstyles, even Pin them on a Pinterest Board, save images you like in a folder and keep looking and keep saving. After a short while you'll soon start to see a pattern in the photos you've pinned/saved. Perhaps you're saving a lot of structured up-'dos, or maybe long cascading curls keep getting Pinned? You may find that your Dream Wedding 'Do will require you having hair extensions. You can either go ahead and order these, or look again for shorter styles if you don't want to wear them after all. But you don't have to just Google or Pin "Bridal looks" try googling for Proms and other special occasions. You can even google Celebrities that you like or just "Long hairstyles" etc. The more you research, the clearer you ideas will be on what you love, and what you don't!

  • Is It You?

Now you have a good idea of what "look" you want! That's great.Now ask yourself, is the look going to work for You?For instance, you can't achieve a long, thick Elsa side braid if you have shoulder length hair - you're going to need extensions if you want that.Just like you can't "look like" a specific celebrity unless naturally your bone structure and features are already very much like hers. While some Makeup Artists can make anyone "look like" their favourite celebrity (there's tonnes of Youtube Transformations like this which make a fun watch!) the sheer amount and thickness of makeup that has to be applied to recreate the different contours and angles of that celebrity's face on to yours would look devastating in real life. It would look incredibly thick and fake, and that's not a look I'm ever willing to put on to any of my Brides! I'll gladly advise you on what will and won't work for you, and tailor your favourite aspects of any look to suit your face.

  • Get A Trial!

There's a reason I include a Trial Free of Charge for my Brides. Because it's needed! It's one of the most important days of your life! At a trial we have a few hours together to work out your ideal look and I make sure you are 100% happy and confident and feel beautiful.. I cannot fathom why some MUA's charge additionally for a Bridal Trial.

  • Consider the following:

Dress colour - For instance: Light dresses show off a gorgeous tan but some shades can make a very pale Bride look washed out - your Bridal Shop can help you with picking the most flattering tone for your skin.Dress Cut - Your neckline is very important to me if i'm doing your hair as it'll help me understand how your hair is going to sit and I can make sure your makeup and hair balance out to flatter your figure - for instance - a very low cut neckline and a very high up 'do can elongate the body and make the torso seem incredibly long - if that's the look you want, then great, if not I can design your hair to look the way you want it, but still give balance to the overall look.Accessories - Please Bring Tiaras and Veils to the Trial (if you forget or don't have them yet I have display pieces from my collection that we can use so you can see the overall affect)Tans/Extensions/Hair Cut - If you're changing anything considerably for your wedding it is best to either have a late-trial, or some brides have a trial tan / hair extensions or get their hair cut before the Trial. Hopefully the above will help you navigate all the choices available to you for your Wedding Look so you can sit back and enjoy your Trial and feel confident that you're going to look natural and gorgeous on your big day! Love, Lindsey xxx


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