• Lindsey @ VIP Bridal MUA

I like long, romantic walks to the makeup aisle...

Some ladies long for Shopping Trips in High End Clothing Boutiques; I love nothing more than a long walk up the makeup aisle!

I adore perusing this seasons eyeshadows, lipsticks and blushers, it inspires my mind full of makeup design ideas and gets my mind racing with all of the beautiful possibilities I could create.

Then there's the emotional enjoyment of the Makeup aisle...I see a lady buying a Fire Engine Red Lipstick with the biggest smile on her face as it's placed in that special, perfect little paper bag emblazoned with her favourite brand, some bags are worth the 5p charge!

For me, it's never just a case of picking up a lipstick or mascara, it's enjoying the experience of selecting the very best product out of the many on offer, in just the right shade that gives me a little lift, especially when I see that perfect item get gently wrapped and placed in that little bag...

Now excuse me, I'm off to Debenhams to soak up the decadence,...xx


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