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Makeup "How To" Easy Winged Eyeliner Tutorial!

I asked what your Makeup Pet Peeves were, and you answered!

A few people seem to struggle with Winged Eyeliner, hope this tutorial helps.

DIY Winged Eyeliner.

The trick to great Winged eyeliner comes down to the precision of the line - Wobbly lines are a no go on this one!

Step 1: Draw your Wing. Don't forget to check both eyes as you work out where you want the wing - nothing worse than lopsided liner!

Step 2: Take the Wing from about 1/3rd of the way of the base and connect it to your lash line.

Step 3: Time for the Curve - Don't be scare to go bold here, except if you have very small or hooded eyes, in this case try not to go overboard with the width as it'll make your eyes look smaller.

Step 4: Easy Peasy - fill it in! Small strokes starting at the lash line are best, try not to drag

Step 5: Admire the Wing you just Slayed!

Step 6: Finish the look with Mascara or False lashes!

That's it!

Top Tips:

1. The finer the pen/brush tip you use, the more precise your line will be.

2. Jet Black gives a very Classic look, but don't be afraid to use colour!

3. Although it looks gorgeous on makeup models the cat liner doesn't suit every eye shape. Very small or very hooded eyes often don't look their best with this liner, adapt the look by extending the wing further in the direction of the ears rather than as high up as the traditional look, this will help elongate your eye shape slightly.

4. Don't be too heavy handed. Amy Winehouse liner should be left in the past!

5: Have Fun - it's only makeup - if you go wrong you can wipe it off and try again!

Got a makeup Pet Peeve you're struggling with?

Let me know and i'll see what I can do to help!

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