• Lindsey @ VIP Bridal MUA

Makeup shouldn't change the face - but it can change your attitude

One of the worst things you can do to your skin is cover it in heavy makeup.

Not only is heavily applied makeup unsightly but your skin won't thank you afterwards!

You don't want to look like Kim Kardashian! (Even she doesn't actually look like the pictures you see of her!)

Use your makeup to enhance the beauty you already hold:

Define those Eyes: Do you have Beautiful Blues, Gorgeous Greens, Heavenly Hazels, Glorious Greys or Breathtaking Browns? Define your eyes with a complimentary shadow, liner and a slick of good mascara to really bring out your best feature!

Be Kissable: Pucker up those pretty lips with your go-to shade! If you don't like your lips or perhaps they're uneven you can easily balance them out and enhance your mouth with a little gentle lipliner application. People tend to watch your eyes and mouth when you talk to them, showcase what your Mama gave ya!

Blushed or Flushed? A tap of pretty blusher on the cheeks can really lift your face and make you look youthful and full of the "Joie de vivre". Don't go too dark or heavy on the blush, unless you want to look like you've been chased down the street by wild animals lol.

You don't have to wear makeup, but sometimes you can bolster your confidence by putting out the best you there is.

Love always,

Lindsey xx


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