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Nail Biter? Go to Rehab!

As an ex-nail biter myself, I understand why, how and when you bite your nails.

If you want to kick the habit and grow long, strong healthy nails in 6 Weeks, my Nail Biter Rehab programme is ideal for you.

  • Day 1: Overlays or Shorter Length Extensions are recommended as the first treatment. Nail art is free, but optional depending on what you'd like.

  • Week 2: Assessment Time! I will assess your nail condition and I will infill and rebalance your nail enhancements to protect the new growth.

  • Week 4: You should have a decent amount of nail growth now. Another infill is now performed along with Gel Polish and optional nail art.

  • Week 6: It's removal time! A Gel Polish treatment is performed with optional Nail Art to really show off your new longer nails!

In just 6 weeks we'll get your nails healthier, longer and stronger. You can proudly say you no longer bite your nails!

6 Week Nail Biter Rehab Programme includes:

1 new set Acrylic/Gel Extensions with Gel Polish & Nail Art

Acrylic/Gel Infill & Rebalance with Gel Polish & Nail Art

Another Acrylic/Gel Infill & Rebalance with Gel Polish & Nail Art

Remove Acrylics/Gel Extensions

Gel Polish application with Nail Art

Mini Bottle CND Solar Oil for Cuticle Care

Support and Aftercare Advice given at each appointment & inbetweenn

Official Nail Biter Rehab Certificate (Priceless!)

Client Commitment

Thou Shalt Not Bite Thy Nails

Thou Shalt Use Thy Cuticle Oil Twice A Day

Thou Shalt Use Gloves for Cleaning

Thou Shalt Not Use Thy New Nails As Tools

Thou Shalt Attend Thy Appointments

Thou Shalt Not Pick Thy Nails

My Commitment to you

I know it's hard and it's hard to keep your hands out of your mouth. By committing to this Nail Biter Rehab programme you'll have the best chance of finally kicking the habit and I'll be on hand at every appointment to support you and give you hints and tips to deal with any issues you might be having.

What happens if I relapse?

During your appointments we'll discuss your progress and any setbacks you might have encountered.

We will then discuss what you're most comfortable doing:

Continue the programme as planned above


Change the programme if your needs have changed

(Additional costs may apply at normal rates)


Extend the programme if you need a little longer

(Additional costs may apply at normal rates)

What happens after the 6 weeks?

You'll be awarded with a Nail Biter Rehab Certificate

You will now have longer, healthier and stronger natural nails so it's up to you what you fancy doing with them! Perhaps you fancy a bit more length so you could opt for longer extensions?

Maybe you want to have Gel Polish from now on?

You could choose to go natural and maintain your nail health with regular manicures?

The choice is now yours, and isn't dictated by your nails!

6 Week Intensive Nail Biter Rehab



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