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Quick 'n' Easy Sweatproof Summer Makeup Tips

Loving the weather but it's just too hot to wear Makeup?

Temperature and Humidity are a potential disaster for Flawless makeup!

Follow these handy tips in your makeup routine to Sweat-proof your look in this awesome British Summer!

Primer - Use a Primer that's right for your skin type (oil control Primers are ideal for people who get shiny) apply before foundation to prepare your skin for long wearing makeup.

After Foundation - Blot Blot Blot! Blot your face by gently tapping blotting papers (or facial tissue) on top of your foundation, before you add anything else - Don't rub or you'll ruin the finish.

Eyeshadow: Stop your Eyeshadow from settling in to the crease with a fab product like Urban Decay Primer Potion, just smooth on a tiny amount for perfect shadow all day.

Waterproof it: Use Waterproof mascara to help prevent smudging on balmy afternoons

Set your Makeup: Makeup Setting Spray on top of foundation can really make a difference to the longevity of your makeup - a quick spritz of a fab product like MAC Prep & Prime Fix+

Lip Stain v's Lipstick: For a long wearing, light feeling finish opt for a lip stain over a lipstick

Less is more when it comes to a glowy, youthful makeup finish. If you have problem skin then a touch of concealer and a tinted moisturiser could be all you need, cakey makeup is never a good look, especially if you're sweating under the heaviness on hot days!

I hope these handy tips help you!

And remember your SPF on your face and drink plenty of water!


Lindsey xx


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