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The Dangers of MMA Acrylic!

MMA Acrylic is used in City Centre "Chop Shop" Nail Salons...almost every one of them! Why is it used? Because it's Dirt Cheap and you don't need professional nail qualifications to buy it!

  • MMA (Methylmethacrylate) is not designed to be attached to a surface like a nail bed and it doesn't work well on nails! (If it did, we'd all be using it)

  • Surely, if it's so bad they wouldn't be allowed to use it? Unfortunately, the Nail industry in the UK has no regulating body. To buy products legally and to obtain insurance here in the UK you have to show proof of accredited qualifications. But, there's no one to report unscrupulous nail techs and "Chop Shops" to - they can order dodgy chemicals and products from China, work without insurance or training and can use whatever they like on you. The FDA (Food & Drug Administration in the USA), as far back as early 1970's, has stated (and still states) that MMA is "a poisonous and deleterious substance and should not be used in liquid acrylic monomer for nail products". I strongly support the formation of a regulating authority for the Nail Industry in the UK so we can put a stop to people who are endangering our clients with disgusting hygiene practices, dangerous chemicals and untrained, poorly paid staff.

  • MMA is very, very strong...too strong.....well, surely that's a good thing on your nails right? Well, no. MMA is so strong, once adhered to your nail plate it's very difficult to get it off again! Again this is a bad thing on your nails because when an MMA nail breaks it's far more likely to rip your entire nail from your nail bed. Because the acrylic is rigid and can't bend or flex to accommodate everyday trauma that your nails experience, instead of breaking a nail you're far more likely to lose the natural nail underneath!

  • Did you know there's a good reason "Chop Shop" Nail bars in town drill down in to your natural nail with a sanding band? It's to severely rough-up the nail plate. By stripping away nail plate in to a rough surface it helps this dental acrylic hold on tight. If the nail is prepared properly then the dental acrylic has no chance of adhering. No drills should be used on your natural nail plate, just the oily shine gently buffed with a gentle grit block.

  • MMA is solvent resistant - MMA does not soak off easily or in a reasonable length of time, causing undue exposure to acetone while soaking. Some "Chop Shops" will simply rip the nails off or pry them off causing extreme damage to the natural nail plate. If a weakened nail plate or damaged nail plate is already present, (normal is when MMA is used) the exposure problems while soaking off MMA become a larger concern, not to mention the ill effects and pain of ripping off the enhancements. MMA Nails take at least twice as long to soak off/remove.

  • To apply, remove, or maintain an MMA nail, a drill (electric file or e-file as we call it) will most often be used. E-files, used by a technician who has been fully trained, are not dangerous or harmful to the natural nail plate (we don't use them on the natural nail). However, many who use this tool are untrained and have been known to cause excessive damage to the nail plate - rings of fire - by drilling into the nail plate, sometimes THROUGH the nail plate into the nail bed (sometimes this causes permanent damage)

How do I know if a Nail Tech is using MMA Acrylic?

  • MMA has an unusually strong or strange odour which doesn't smell like other acrylic liquids. If you've ever been to a city-centre Chop Shop you'll know the smell.

  • Nails which are extremely hard and very difficult to file even with coarse abrasives - A Nail drill is almost always needed

  • Nails take a very long time to soak off in solvents designed to remove acrylics and smell "fishy" when being removed

  • Nails have a cloudy or milky colour when cured

  • Nail Tech filed your natural nail bed to rough up the surface

  • Nail Tech wears a protective mask (notice she doesn't offer you one?)

  • Nail Tech has no labels on their products. Everything is decanted in to jars so the customers are never aware of what's being used.

  • If asked directly as to what she's using, the Nail Tech suddenly can't understand what you're saying, citing a language barrier.

What do I use at Mobile Nails Leicester?

  • Reputable Nail Technicians would never use MMA. We don't care that is so much cheaper, we know the dangers of using it.

  • I use Ethyl Methacrylate Acrylics. The name seems very similar but it couldn't be more different. First, only three atoms distinguish the difference between EMA and MMA. However, this small chemical difference makes EMA much safer. An example is the difference between poisonous wood-alcohol (methanol) and beverage-alcohol (ethanol). Again the difference between the two molecules is only three atoms. Yet wood-alcohol is deadly if consumed. Beverage alcohol is considered safe. You will be happy to know that ethyl methacrylate is one of the most studied monomers on Earth. There is a huge amount of scientific literature that backs up the safety of this important substance. It is used in everything from household plastics to medical devices that are implanted in the body.

Hopefully you now have a good understanding on the dangers of MMA Acrylic nails used in City Centre "Chop Shops" and I sincerely hope this helps you make an informed choice when choosing your Nail Tech. If you're interested in a reputable nail tech, I am a Fully Trained, Fully Qualified, Fully Insured BABTAC Nail Technician. I care about my clients nails. They need to look great and stay strong, nourished and healthy. You'll never see me grinding down a clients natural nail with a nail drill! I care about my clients health - I am stringent in my sanitisation and disinfection of my clients hands, my hands and all tools that you'll come in contact with. I use my own nail kit on my own nails and my friends and family. I'd never compromise my health or anyone else's out of laziness or to save a few quid! People have some seriously messed up infections and diseases and I am confident in my methods and products to safeguard myself and others. I consult and provide tailored Aftercare Advice: I'll make sure the treatment you receive is right for you, for your lifestyle and is delivered safely. I only use premium products: I would never use MMA Acrylic on my clients. I refuse to even remove that stuff as it is so hazardous. The products I use are authentic and purchased from reputable UK Beauty Suppliers, not knock offs full of dangerous chemicals from China! Get Pampered! Having your nails done should be an enjoyable, pampering experience. The Chop Shop experience isn't that! so, why not relax, visit my lovely Home Studio or i'll pop over to yours, lets have a natter over a cuppa tea and create some beautiful nails for you to be proud of! Mobile Service: You can escape to my Home Studio, or save yourself all the hassle and i'll come to you! I cover all of Leicestershire. £10 non-refundable booking deposit is required for Mobile Services. This is to ensure time, effort and fuel isn't wasted if a client isn't home as planned. This deposit is taken off of the balance and must be paid in advance via PayPal/Bank Transfer. Text/WhatsApp/Email or Facebook to arrange an appointment Now! Text/WhatsApp - 07341380466Email: Lindsey@VIPBridalMakeupArtist.co.ukFacebook: www.facebook.com/mobilenailsleicesterInstagram: MobileNailsLeic Hope to speak to you soon! Love, Lindsey xxx


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