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The Importance of Patch Testing

I saw a lovely new client today for a Patch Test so she can have a gorgeous Lash Lift and eyelash/Brow Tint in a few days time.

And it reminded me of a message i'd received recently, when advising a different potential client about Patch Tests.

This other client stated she didn't want the hassle of a patch test as shes never had a bad reaction to anything. She dyes her own hair with many different brands and knows she'll be fine but she'll sign my insurance document to say shes had a patch test.

I have declined to service this client until she has a patch test.

I don't offer patch tests just to keep my insurance provider happy! I require patch tests to ensure my clients safety.

I've had a quick google to show you some photos of people that clearly didn't get a patch test:

Pretty grim isn't it? Now imagine the stinging, itching and discomfort these poor ladies have had to endure...hopefully they're OK now and sought doctors advice.

But why would some people risk this, on their eyes of all things?

I require a patch test for all new clients wanting any Lash Lift or Lash/ Brow Tinting service.

I offer free patch testing at my home studio, it takes about 5 mins from start to finish!

I now also offer Patch Testing by Post, along with detailed instructions and all the equipment you'll need to ensure you are safe.

While it's most likely that you'll have no issues at all, it is never worth risking your health, after all your lashes might end up looking fabulous but whats the point if they're crowning red, swollen infected eyes?

Patch tests must be conducted at least 48 hours before your treatment and repeated every 6 months or if you become pregnant.

If you're a Nail Services or Bridal Makeup Client we can perform a Patch Test during your next regular Nail Treatment or at your Bridal Makeup Trial too. x

For more details about my Lash Lifting and Tinting Services please see https://www.vipbridalmakeupartist.co.uk/lashesandbrows

Thanks for reading and I look forward to seeing you soon!x


Lindsey xx


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