• Lindsey @ VIP Bridal MUA

The Struggle is Real..

Don't feel "yourself" unless you have your makeup on? You're not alone!

Many women recognise and only really like their own faces with makeup applied.

As much as I am an advocate for exceptional makeup, learn to be comfortable in your own skin... if you can!

But as a Mum I had a swift learning curve that I couldn't dedicate as much time as I'd like to on my hair and makeup on a daily basis. Unfortunately for me this means I often don't "Love" my look on a daily basis.

But I'm realistic - why waste damn good makeup and precious time if I'm not leaving the house?

If I'm going to meet up with friends and babies then I know I'll soon be covered in sticky hand prints and my daughter likes nothing more than pushing her wet face up against mine lately!

So I do the basics to stop me looking like a "Mombie" and save the gorgeous makeup for the evenings and weekends!

So, for some the Struggle is Real...and if you're a natural beauty who looks fresh-faced and luscious straight out of bed then you may see me gazing longingly at you; at least until the next blood curdling scream from my daughter for daring to divert my attention!

Love always,

Lindsey xx


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