• Lindsey @ VIP Bridal MUA

Why Celebrity Makeup Fails Annoy Me!

Celebrities pay their Makeup Artists thousands and thousands to look their best and control their image at all times. So why did those Celebrity Makeup Artists let their Clients out looking like this?!

It makes me really angry, to be fair. People like us look at these images, and I'm sure some people think "If these Celebrity Makeup Artists can't get it right, then what the hell am I going to look like on my Wedding?!" Do I believe I'm a better Makeup Artist than them? I don't see competition within Art. Was Picasso better than Monet? Who is "better" is not for me to judge and Art is subjective.However, I'm pretty sure that none of these Celebrities had this pictured as their desired outcome, and that's where I get annoyed! I do know that If my work was being paraded on the worlds stage I'd have made sure my Client looked amazing and wasn't shown up! Here's the above Crimes Against Makeup:

  • Unblended Eyeshadows in harsh, unflattering colours. Makes gorgeous eyes look bizarre!

  • Washed-Out or Ruddy Complexions. Makes you look unwell or sweaty and grimy

  • Yellow or Mismatched Foundation. Just. So. Wrong!

  • White Faces or "Reverse Panda Eyes!" What were they thinking?

Makeup Artists could argue that the White Powdered Faces and Undereyes on the Red Carpet are a result of Flash lighting reacting with pigments within certain concealers and loose powders....and they'd be right! But even a Little ole' Bridal Makeup Artist from Leicester, like me, knows about Product Whiteout and Flashback, so why are these Big-Time Artists still using those products on their Clients?They know what events their clients are going to and that the paparazzi will be taking photos. Unfortunately the answer is often that the MUA or Celeb is paid/sponsored to use only a certain brand or a new product. But it's the Makeup Artists Responsibility to understand what they're using and how it will react in different lights, with flashes etc. They compromise not only their clients image, but also the integrity of their work. Surely if they charge that much they have a responsibility to be great?Clearly not from the amount of major makeup malfunctions we all see in the magazines!A Good Makeup Artist is Worth Every Penny, but some (whether ultra expensive or ultra cheap) are just not good at what they do! (We all know someone in a job who we just can't figure out how they keep it, right?!) If you're a Bride to Be, please don't worry - Not all Makeup Artists are made Equal! Coming tomorrow, blog post for How To Choose The Right Makeup Artist For You! Love, Lindsey xxx www.VIPBridalMakeupArtist.co.uk


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