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Salon Policies

By booking a service with VIP Nails & Beauty you agree to abide to the following policies:



New Client Deposits

  • A £10 deposit is required to secure any new client appointment. This £10 is deducted from the balance of the appointment or retained if the appointment is cancelled, rescheduled or if a client doesn't show up for any reason, irrespective of notice given and the new client will be expected to pay a new £10 deposit to secure a new appointment date.

  • If for any reason I have to cancel the appointment this £10 is refunded to you. Deposits are processed via the card provider SumUp.

Cancellations/No Shows

Cancellations directly cost me income. Imagine going in to work and they don't need you after all so they don't pay you a penny - pretty hard to stomach!

Unlike many salons, I don't charge a cancellation fee but I have the following policies:

  • If a client doesn't show up without any explanation (No Show) she will be expected to pay for her missed appointment in full before I can book in the next appointment. The next appointment will require a 50% deposit to be paid which will be retained if she doesn't show up again or cancels with less than 48 hours notice.

  • If a client gives me less than 48 hours notice to cancel an appointment for 3 or more times in a 12 month period she will not be permitted to make any further appointments with me without a deposit of 100% of the next appointment balance. This deposit is then retained in full if the next appointment is cancelled again without giving 48 hours notice.

  • If a client repeatedly books/cancels appointments she will not be permitted to book any further appointments with me without a deposit.

  • Brand new clients will lose their £10 deposit for any cancellations irrespective of how much notice is given and will be required to pay a new £10 deposit to secure a new appointment date.

  • If I am forced to cancel your appointment any deposit you paid is immediately refunded.



I do not offer refunds for any treatments that have already been carried out. The only exception to this is I refund deposit payments in the unlikely event that I have to cancel an appointment.

If you are not happy with your treatment I need to know at the time so I have a fair opportunity to fix any issues. 


Need additional treatments?

Need a French? Maybe some Nail Art? Want to add Waxing to your facial? Please let me know beforehand so I can allocate the appropriate amount of time for your appointment.

Please be On Time!

Your appointment time is our start time and I have no waiting area available for clients who turn up early.

Not turning up on time is really frustrating as I'll either feel rushed knowing you're knocking on my door and waiting while i'm still with a client or i'm worried that other appointments will overrun if you don't arrive on time. 

  • If a client is more than 5 minutes early you will need to wait outside until your appointment time

  • If a client is more than 10 minutes late I may not be able to complete the required service in time for the next clients arrival so you may be asked to reschedule your appointment. Communication is appreciated.


For things like nail art please let me know the design you'd like beforehand so I can quote you accordingly and ensure that I have the skills and products required to recreate your chosen design!

Please note that there are some seriously phenomenal nail artists out there - I may not necessarily be able to 100% recreate or do justice to a design made by the leaders of the industry that took them 4 hours per nail for a major competition that you found on Pinterest in a standard salon appointment on short a quick heads up on a design will enable me to prepare and/or discuss expectations as your satisfaction is paramount to me. 

The clearer we can be on our expectations of each other the better, because I want you to be thrilled with your treatments and hopefully come back again!

Allergies and Health History

For your safety, comfort and product longevity please let me know during our consultation if you have any physical disabilities, if you are pregnant or breastfeeding, if you are on any retinoids, heart medication or thyroid medication or whether you have any allergies or issues I should be aware of before we commence any treatment. Some strange things can affect your skin, hair and nails so being pre-warned means I can put things in place to best meet your needs.

Patch Tests

A patch test is required for Tinting, Brow Lamination and Lash Lift services at least 48hrs before your appointment. This is non negotiable no matter how many times you have received the same or similar service from other salons. A new patch test is required if you have not received the treatment with me for 6 months or more.


Please do not eat/drink or use mobile phones in the treatment room as oils/liquids/debris etc can affect your service and I need access to your hands so i can complete the treatment safely and in a timely manner.


All nail clients are required to wash their hands before and after receiving nail treatments. 

Appointment Preparation

Please follow guidance provided to you for not only aftercare but also pre-appointment preparation to maximise the outcome of your treatment - take Waxing for instance, if you fake tan just before a leg wax you'll end up with a patchy tan. If you use excessive creams and oils on your skin the wax may not adhere properly which will compromise your results, following pre-appointment guidance will help avoid any issues.

Guaranteed work

I am very proud of my dedication to offering great treatments and services however I am not in control of how a client acts after their service is finished. For example with Nails, if client breaks a nail on a night out or through using the nail to pry something open then I can't be held accountable for that break! I'm happy to help fix it, but we can tell why a nail has broken so messages stating that nails "just fell off" etc when we can clearly see how they really came aren't helpful for us building a good client/tech relationship.

If a problem arises within 24hrs and/or I can see that there is some sort of product breakdown or issue then I am happy to fix for free but you are expected to follow aftercare procedures to prevent issues.


Aftercare is majorly important so you get the very best out of your treatments, please follow the aftercare instructions that you are told about during your appointment - drop me a message if unsure and I will be posting Aftercare instructions for each service here soon


I take before and after photos and often video treatments so I can showcase my work online. Faces and identities of clients will never be shown without express permission.


Payments accepted

I accept Card, Contactless, Cash and Bank Transfer payments.


I have space for one additional car on my driveway so if this is free please park there, alternatively there is on-road parking, please park considerately.

Children, Pets and additional guests

I cannot accommodate children, pets or additional guests during your appointment at my home treatment room.


Please note that my home treatment room is located on the 1st floor of the property so you will need to be able to safely ascend/descend one set of stairs. 

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